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Ten thousand years of Roboshrub.

Fangs for the memories.

In today’s state, Roboshrub Incorporated is an entity entirely devoted
to the execution of what normal people would refer to as “bad ideas.”

It was the creator’s original idea that all concepts, whether
useful or not, contribute to the global subconscious level of progress
for the human race. Therefore, we contend that no idea is an unfit
idea, and vow to act on each and every one of them.

Roboshrub Inc.
Public Communications Department

Changes may not fully take effect until you reload the page.

For your insolence, I condemn you to...

Suffer the Fate of a Thousand Bees!
(Before they go extinct)

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Open Thread Number Deux

It's about time!

Processing 18×100 Robo-Comments:

Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

About time for JUSTICE!

6/26/2005 2:34 PM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

Since we are moving our open discussion to this place, I shall change the topic. A-HAH!

Do you think we should give Bob administrative access? This site could use a little more Infernokrusher- which is the easiest of all things to understand- to balance out our imperceptible shield of obscuratory laser fields.

I lost my train of though.

6/27/2005 9:07 PM  
Blogger destructobob gesticulated...

Ahaha. In that vein, I totally ruined a work of literary genius today:

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
Round and round they sped.
I was disturbed at this;
I accosted the man.
"It is futile," I said,
"You can never -"

"Fuck you," he cried,
And burned up, because he had been trying to escape the blistering light of day on Mercury.

6/27/2005 9:25 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

I take it by now you've both seen the awesome power of my imagination. And in answer to your query, if Bob wants administrative access she'll ask for it herself, for she is a human and has free will (or so we've been told). But of course, Blogger needs an e-mail address to send an invite to...

6/27/2005 10:17 PM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

Bob has no free will; she's pro-filesharing. She's enslaved to download gigabyte after gigabyte of BBC television.

6/27/2005 11:03 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

Kayaking With Dan Rather
A Gyrobian Sonnet

Giant frosted flakes
glide into the flame, like a pigeon.
When will the rain stop?
Only time will tell. Slowly.
Rogue Care Bears have already descended
upon the people of South Dakota, for that
is where Mount Rushmore is.
Wash behind you ears.

--==/ Gyrobo Approved \==--

6/28/2005 1:04 AM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

You knw what we need?
That would be totally awesome.

6/28/2005 1:02 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

If I knew what a "SHOUTBOX" was, I would be the first to recommend it. Upon a quick Google search, I've discovered a Shoutbox hosting site Here. But I've decided not to do anything about it. The ball's in your court now, Roboshrub!

6/28/2005 3:46 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

Oh, and Bob, if you want administrative access, send your e-mail address to, because that's how it happened to me!

6/28/2005 3:53 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

A new Timage has been added to the list.

6/28/2005 11:57 PM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...


6/29/2005 1:01 AM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

Argh! Ye be makin' merchandise behind me back?! Ye'll walk the plank fer that!

6/29/2005 9:29 AM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

I tried to cancel that when I realized it gives Zazzle the rights to the image and slogan. Not copywrights, just their rights.

I couldn't find that... how did you?
Their search function sucks.

6/29/2005 10:52 AM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

I did a Google search for "Roboshrub" and that's the first thing that came up.

6/29/2005 4:49 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

Also, I took a page out of your book and designed some T-Shirts. I loaded them into a new album. Hopefully, you can find some site that will let us design merchandise without stealing our ideas.

6/29/2005 5:23 PM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

Or we can convince Keenswag to do it.

6/29/2005 7:05 PM  
Blogger Roboshrub Incorporated gesticulated...

They're pretty excellent...

6/29/2005 7:12 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo gesticulated...

You've used this "Keenswag" before? I still don't see why you can't just delete the shirt and design off their website; I assume there's no "delete" function. Hey, Bob! Do you have any more butchered Stephen Crane poems? I know I do:

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, "Is it good, friend?"
"What do you think?!?" he replied.
"I just ate my own heart! I'm gonna die!" and then he keeled over, vomiting on my shoes.

("The Black Riders and Other Lines," III)

6/29/2005 10:39 PM